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Who the hell is Bucky? 

oh no his face


Who the hell is Bucky?

oh no his face

the shade in this photo set could cause an eclipse

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seriously if i loved bucky barnes any more i’d be steve rogers 

Your Guide to Modern Day Cap!



The easiest reading for Captain America started in 2005 and went on until about 2011, with some very important storylines and some that weren’t. Ed Brubaker is responsible for most of this, and he’s done a fantastic job. Captain America was having a hard time staying relevant.

If you would like more reading based on silver/golden age books, I can also make some recommendations but, otherwise, I’ll include at the bottom a quick summary of the what was going on before Steve woke up, too. Be aware that it’s very convoluted and a great example of why Superhero Continuity changes as often as it does.


The first thing you’ll probably want to grab is a mini-series called The Marvels Project, which was a five or six issue mini-series featuring Cap’, Bucky, and the other ‘Invaders’ who killed Hitler in WWII, according to 616!continuity. It’s pretty short and also features The Human Torch, Namor, and some others. Quick origin story refresher with some Nazis and all that fun stuff. 

Look through all of these as trade collections or via storyline titles, because Captain America has gone through so many soft reboots that we’re technically looking at Captain America Vol. 05.

1. Captain America: Man out of Time by Mark Waid  - Captain America wakes up. Starts where the first movie ends, give or take a few days. Veers away from the movie slightly

2. Captain America: Winter Soldier
by Ed Brubaker.
This is issues #1-14 of the on-going that started in 2005; don’t skip it because there are some major differences, such as the tesseract (ie: cosmic cube) and The Red Skull both being part of the plot.
(Note: Issue #7 and issue #10 are not relevant to the storyline at all; one is focusing on stuff that happened at an earlier date, and Issue #10 was a part of the House of M crossover, so I believe it’s kind of an AU thing. I haven’t read that issue, haha…)

3. Captain America: The Red Menace (Brubaker)
Issues #15-21


5. Civil War: Captain America (Brubaker):
Captain America issues #22-24 
This one also includes a Winter Soldier One shot in the story in the trade. If you don’t get the trade, the One-shot is “Winter Soldier: Winter Kills”. 

I forgot the publishing order, for which I apologize. I’d recommend alternating between the two as you read through the Civil War parts because it’s quite a… it’s a thing.

6. Fallen Son by David Finch; issues #1-5

7. The Death of Captain America by Ed Brubaker;

Captain America #25-42

8. Secret Invasion by Bendis - This isn’t too Cap’ oriented but it’s when Bucky decides to play Cap’, so that’s always fun.

9. Road to Reborn - I’m combining this one, even though it’s issues #43-50 and issues 600-601 because they CHANGED THE NUMBERING DIRECTLY FOLLOWING. 

Anyway, Road to Reborn is half Buckyventures, and half mystery-solving to get Steve Rogers back. If you find that you like Bucky as Captain America enough to read more, he’s often playing Cap’ in Bendis’ New Avengers title He also did some work with The Secret Avengers? He’s the more brutal of the two and hidden agenda work.

10. Captain America: Reborn; Issues #1-6

11. Captain America: Two Americas; Issues #202-205
Solution to the whole ‘two caps’ problem.

At this point, it’s up to you where to go because nothing has really been groundbreaking since.

Siege is probably a good place to go after that, since it’s the first time The Avengers have gotten together in a long time and there’s lots of Asgard, too?
Fear Itself is another big crossover they did that involved both Steve and Bucky, and it’s kind of important but not really in the way that it all ends out with everything being the same in the end anyway? just with more emotional scars?

This has a general list of story arcs, following that point.
You can feel free to skip around after Two Americas.
At some point later on, they retitled the series AGAIN and it became a book with a confusing numbering system so here’s the gist of what title you’re looking for:

Captain America & Bucky (Issues #620-628)
Captain America & Hawkeye (Issues #629-632)
Captain America & Iron Man (Issues #633-635
Captain America & Namor (Special Issue #635.1 - Marvel’s trying to make the ‘point-one’ a thing.)
Captain America & Black Widow (Issues #636-640)
At this point, we’re within the last year and a half or so of continuity with “Marvel NOW!”; yet another new soft-reboot jump on point that… while having some fantastic titles… still just renumbered everything. ;_;

The three big Cap’ titles you’ll probably find that are currently being published are under:
-Captain America (NOW!)
- Avengers
- Avengers Assemble! (NOW!) 
<- this one’s much more orriented towards fans of the movie!verse, who haven’t read comics long or just prefer the personality of the characters as they’re presented in the movies. They also feature Spider-Woman and Red Hulk and it’s great fun
Cap’ also leads a team in Uncanny Avengers, along with Cyclops’ broski, and I’d recommend looking into Marvel NOW’s! New/Secret Avengers, too.
*** Bucky, as Winter Soldier, got a series of his own in 2012, literally just called “The Winter Soldier”. This was a 19 issue series. People were very excite.
Uhh, I hope this is helpful and not too confusing. I know this isn’t nearly as organized as it looked when I started it and I’m sorry for that.  Just send me an ask if you have any more questions or feel like I missed something!! :|
Look at this lovely thing a lovely person did for me :D
A Cap reading order, which may be of interest to those of you who just saw the movie and want to get into comics (if you already haven’t haha)


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