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The bigger point that I think people are missing is that Chris is not confused, but laughs, when he gets called a dorito, which means CHRIS knows you guys call him a dorito.

Catenary Chain

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none evans with left boob


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please resist the temptation to eat yourself. you probably don’t taste like a cupcake. :(

ngl I’m having some Troy feels rn

This Bodywash Smelled Nice in the Store But Now I Smell Like a Cupcake

a novel by me

chris evans/leftboob otp needs a ship name


god bless sdcc

best news from comiccon so far


u say that women who wear hijabs are oppressed yet u say nothing about nuns hmmm

Steve/Sam/Natasha "I think you missed your calling."


Steve makes a sound so orgasmic-sounding that even he blushes in surprise when it leaves his mouth. “Sam,” he says, sounding like he’s going to weep. “These omelets are amazing.

Natasha, meanwhile, has already hoovered what’s on her plate and is stealthily reaching her fork towards what’s on Steve’s. He intercepts her with his butter knife and a glare.

"Thanks," Sam says, "It’s my mom’s recip-" he turns around from the stove to find Natasha and Steve doing all-out combat with cutlery over his dining room table. “Guys, I can make more.”

"Yes," Natasha says immediately. She flips her fork between her fingers and sets it down beside her plate. "Please." She adds, awkwardly.

"I think you missed your calling, Sam." Steve says, shoveling a large, cheesy bite into his mouth, arm snaked around his plate to keep it from Natasha. "You could’ve been a hell of a chef."

"What, and miss out on saving your asses every day?" Sam grins, cracking an egg into a bowl. "Nah, I’m just happy cooking for the people I love. Hey, maybe it’ll even land me a Mr. or Mrs. Wilson one day."

He turns around in time to catch the heated look exchanged between Steve and Natasha.

"Hey, hey, no more dinging up my silverware," Sam says.

"Oh," Natasha smirks, resting her fork against her bottom lip. "I think Steve and I just agreed to share."